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We have a great regular & guest panel from the WordPress community joining us on Thursday 26th at 5:3pm (PST.) We going to have in-depth but fun discussion of the month’s WordPress news and one particular topic. This month it’s going to be about WordPress Membership Plugins
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027 WP-Tonic: Membership Site Plugins Part 4

Episode 4 of WordPress and Membership Site Plugins

In this episode Jonathan  gives his recommendation to me for New Media Gold’s membership plugin and it is Restrict Content Pro, a Premium Memberships for WordPress.

We Finally Know the Membership Site Plugin!

Restrict Content Pro is a complete membership and premium content manager plugin for WordPress. [Read more…]

095 Timelines: Terri Jay The Medium

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Terri Jay The Medium

Terri JayTerri Jay, the medium, through intuitive counseling, has help thousands of people overcome their fears, hurts, low self-esteem so they have the, confidence, life and the love that they want and deserve.

As a Medium, Terri Jay learned and now believes that all of us are born intuitive. Intuition is just one part of the other spiritual senses of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Together they allow us to pick up on Higher vibrations and we all have the option of developing our spiritual senses to pick up on these higher vibrations. Terri Jay is a unique individual that has taken it to the nth degree.

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026 WP-Tonic: Membership Sites Part 3

New Media Gold Followers and Members,

I am going to start putting in this blog, the RSS feeds of some of the podcast that we produce. Late Sunday night we release WP-Tonic which is a WordPress tech show hosted by Jonathan Denwood and me. You should like it and I  hope you get a lot out of it! In episode 26 is part 3 of a 5 part series on wordpress membership sites.

Here is the iTune Link: 026 WP-Tonic: Membership Sites Part 3

In this episode, we dive into WooCommerce and Groups for WooCommerce and WP Courseware. For detailed show notes head on over to WP-Tonic. Jonathan has a great blog and the show notes are in more detail.  V/r Bill

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NMG BETA #1 Package Sold Out.

The BETA #2 package will be up soon. A special thanks to those who put trust into our first New Media Gold product. We have a great mix of people. From a politician to a multi level entrepreneurs to a rancher an online vendor. I look forward to the one on one training and following the success of new members as they venture into WordPress and New Media.

V/r Bill C

NMG Gold BETA #1 Membership

Entrepreneurs, politicians and social organizations will benefit from the New Media Gold membership. Our Do It Yourself (DIY) but not by yourself approach will save you money and allow you to take control of your websites and social media.  At New Media Gold (NMG), we help you build online platforms, premium websites, create podcasts and streaming media. Then, with social media, you’ll hook them all together to help  build and market your business or your campaign. 

Cost is $197 (for details see GETTING STARTED tab)

As New Media Gold (NMG) evolves, with your NMG Gold BETA #1 membership,  you will have access to a full Gold membership at no additional cost.

The NMG Gold membership will include access to our private Facebook site, 4 NMG courses plus 50% off custom WordPress installations and training.

NMG Courses:

1. WordPress (available in February of 2015) – Additionally, there will be specific training on how to integrate Genesis and Dynamik.

2. Podcasting (available in April of 2015) – For now Podcasting 101 by Rob Walsh is great free resource for any podcaster. Download at: PODCASTING 101

3. Social Networks (available in March or 2015 or sooner) 

4. Streaming Media (available in April)

BONUS: Additionally, for those who purchase BETA #1 and a BlueHost web hosting through our NMG affiliate account, we will:

1. Install WordPress on two domains with premium commercial grade frameworks and plugins.

2. Provide 4 training sessions, one per week, each 1 hour, online or if you live in Reno, NV,  face to face.

New Media Gold (NMG)

Entrepreneurs, Politicians and Social Organizations

Entrepreneurs, politicians and social organizations are our avatars (clients). Our Do It Yourself (DIY) but not by yourself approach saves you money and gets you results!

At New Media Gold (NMG)

We help you build online platforms, premium websites, create podcasts and streaming media. Then with social media, you’ll hook them all together.