105 Matthew Weather YouTube Video Goes Viral

Matthew Weathers, New Media Gold, NMGGood Job Matthew!

Just interviewed my cousin, Matthew Weathers. His YouTube video which was released on April 2nd went viral. Below is the behind the scenes making of the Timelines of Success podcast interview. The show should be episode 105 and up late on Saturday night on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and TimelinesofSuccess.com.

Matthew is an adjunct professor at Biola University. He teaches Math and is part of the Digital Learning and Program Development Department. His interests are web site development, storytelling and  helping students become more engaged in the learning process though new technologies.

LINK: http://timelinesofsuccess.com/105-matthew-weathers-youtube-viral/

102 Podcasting by the Numbers with Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson on Timelines of Success

Dave Jackson

In November of 2005 Dave Jackson launched the School of Podcasting which lead him to other podcasting related sites and services including Podcast Mechanic (consulting), Podcast Clicks (promotion), Learn to Subscribe (free tutorial for listeners), Podcasting Shirts (clothing), Planning Your Podcast (free tutorials). and Cooler Websites (design and blog hosting).

He was recently selected to be the Director of Podcasting at New Media Exposition. For more show notes go to: Timelines of Success Link